Monday, November 30, 2009

It's like taking shu mai from a baby

Whenever we take friends and family to partake in dim sum, they are always amazed by how glutinous the boys become. Shoving dumpling after dumpling, followed by pork buns and rice noodles, the boys can't get seem to get enough into their bellies. Maybe it's because they are trying to keep up with the number of bamboo steamers flying off the carts onto our tables. Or could it be that all the tiny bites go down that much easier? Whatever it may be, our boys have never shown a picky bone in their bodies whenever we go to our favorite dim sum parlor - China Pearl.

We all love the usual crowd pleasers - haw gow (shrimp dumpling), shu mai (shrimp and pork dumpling), chau sui bau (baked bbq pork buns). What I've always been impressed with is their love for lo bat go (fried taro root cake with hoisin sauce). Many find it to be bland and often have a hard time with its consistency. Not our kids - they slurp the stuff up. I often think they would be fans of poi if we ever go to Hawaii as a family.

Just when we were stuffed and sipping what was left in our tea cups, Will asks for more food. And this was the day after Thanksgiving! And on cue, here comes the sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf. It was a race between myself and a four year old to get to the last bit of rice and pork. Yes - I have no shame when it comes to taking dim sum from a kid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PB&J? Really?

Last weekend, I brought the boys to the Boston Children's Museum, my enthusiasm fueled by what was waiting for me at Flour Bakery & Cafe around the corner. Even after 45 tortuous minutes in the ball room followed by another 45 minutes in the construction zone room, I was happy - even with the escalating sounds of screaming kids all around me. Flour is one of my favorite places, possibly in the whole world. I think largely thanks to Joanne Chang's to-die-for sticky buns.

After our visit to the Museum, we headed over to Flour to pick up some sandwiches (and dessert of course) to bring back home for lunch. Given Flour's location, it makes sense to offer a kids' menu. And sure enough, you will find grilled cheese and PB&J. I'm sure these are made with top quality ingredients, but I just can't get myself to order PB&J (especially for $4.50) when I can make that at home in my sleep.

So what do I do? I do what a lot of parents do - withhold information. I don't even bother asking my son what he wanted. I order the curried tuna sandwich with raisins, apples and carrots on artisan bread. He was going to try it and and hopefully like it as much as I do. I figured if he hated it, then I can make my  version of PB&J (TJ's natural peanut butter and raspberry preserves on multi-grain) since we'd already be home.

Sure enough, he loved it. Maybe he was pretending to like it so he could have a sticky bun for dessert. I'm just glad he tried it, ate it, and didn't complain once. We both celebrated with some sticky buns.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jumped the shark?

Okay, my first blog post in the mom blogosphere. Starting a mom blog is akin to opening a cupcake shop - ubiquitous, sometimes too sweet, and not really good for you. But you gotta try one, right? I promise not to go on about my misadventures of being a mom. Nor pretend to be an expert on all things parenting, food, nutrition, pop culture or fashion (If you saw my closet, there would be no doubts that I was far from a fashion expert). I will do my best to share stories, insider tips, and tricks on finding delicious food that everyone will love. And yes, there could be some food items with butter cream frosting on top.


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