A person can taste sweet, sour, salty and bitter. And then there's umami. Yummy in Japanese, umami is a savory taste and is considered the fifth taste.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my quest in finding good - no make that great - meals for my family. I didn't want to believe that restaurants with a menu kids could color was our only option when dining out. Nor did I want to 'deceive' my kids by masking good-for-you ingredients in their dish. And I definitely did not want to be the kids' short order cook, serving up typical toddler food they would eat while my hubby and I ate 'grown-up' food. Whether it be from a recipe or eating out, this blog is my way of sharing the good, bad, and tasty.

Since my goal is to raise adventurous eaters, then I too need to be ready for adventure. So I am challenging myself to try *at least* three new recipes a week and one new restaurant (sans kiddie menu) a month. I'd be lying if I told you dinner didn't come from store-bought rotisserie chicken and mac and cheese from a box with a bunny on it now and then. But who wants to read about that? And hopefully after some time, I will have a catalog of great eats that my boys can try out on their own kids.