Things I Learned At My First Blogger Event

8:18 AM

I attended my first blogger event yesterday thanks to Healthworks Fitness. Being new to the blogger scene, I had no idea what to expect. I've read posts from other bloggers recounting events geared just for them - and they sounded great! It should come to no surprise how excited I was to get this evite:

Chance to check out a Bosu class at one of Boston's best gyms? Trip to the farmer's market and picnic in Copley Square? Chance to meet some great local bloggers? Yes, yes and yes!

Unfortunately I was not able to make the first half of the event due to some last minute emergencies. I was truly bummed to be missing what I heard was a killer workout (check out post from foodfitnessfashion). Not only was I in need of a good workout, but as a former Healthworks member, I really miss the amazing facilities, welcoming staff and kid-friendly facilities.

So I joined the group of 13 other bloggers in the lobby at the Back Bay location at 6pm. Judith Forman, Events and Partnerships Marketing Coordinator, gave a quick overview of the rest of the day and introduced representatives from Whole Foods Market, Joos, and Mix Bakery.

Event coordinator extraordinaire Judith Forman
Judith invited us bloggers to take our pictures of the "green bag" meals from Whole Foods. It was fun watching everyone whip out their cameras and compose their shots. For the first time, I did not feel awkward breaking out my camera to take a picture of a meal before eating it (my family is growing tired of this habit I'm afraid!).

my product shot and sandwich selection

After everyone grabbed their meal of choice, we headed over to Copley Square to enjoy a casual picnic in the grass. As Linay and Melissa of Whole Foods Fresh Pond and Whole Foods Brighton explained Whole Foods' "health starts here" initiative, I thoroughly enjoyed my picnic dinner. The sandwich was fantastic - incredible bread and fresh ingredients. Ginormous bowl of fresh fruit was great the next morning. And my favorite was the orange cashew quinoa salad. It was light, slightly sweet and perfect for a warm summer night.

bloggers listen to reps from WFM talk about "health start here"

what's for dinner: turkey on sprouted grain bread, fruit salad, quinoa salad
We then were introduced to Lauri and Marissa from Joos and got to sample juices made from organic veggies, roots and herbs and a joosbite, mini muffins made from juice pulp. I thought the juice was pretty tasty, but admit that I would have a hard time slurping down a whole bottle (especially at $8.50 a bottle - yikes). The joosbite was moist and delicious.

organic, nutrient-rich juices from joos
And last but not least, we were treated to delicious cupcakes from Mix Bakery. As I proclaimed in my post about Cupcake Camp, Mix Bakery cupcakes are by far my favorite in New England. These cupcakes were so addictive, it was easy to see why the bloggers kept going back for more (check out We Are Not Martha's fun post on this).

chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting
So what did I learn at my first blogger event?
  • It's perfectly acceptable to take pictures of everything and anything
  • You'll likely need to introduce yourself by your blog name first before your actual first name
  • Bloggers are truly sincere and supportive of one another. I was so glad to have met these fabulous gals:

I had a great time at my first blogger event. It was laid-back and casual (maybe the workout mellowed everyone out). But after the day I had, it was just my speed.  

A big thank you to Healthworks for hosting a great event. And if you're in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, or Salem, be sure to check out Healthworks. Click here for a FREE three-day pass for umommy readers!

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