The Top 5 Things I Ate in 2010

9:22 PM

Looking back at my first year as a mom food blogger, I can honestly say 2010 has been amazing. From experimenting in the kitchen and online. Dining adventures at restaurants all over New England. To finding and meeting many bloggers and business-owners that truly inspire. How to sum up the last 12 months in a single blog post? A round-up naturally! So here it is: the top five things I ate in 2010 (drum roll please)....

I had never tried cooking anything with bulgur, much less tried to make a burger out of some. This dish not only challenged me as a cook, but my family of carnivores as well. It was really, really good. And the lime mayo was a perfect accompaniment.

One of my all-time favorite one-pot meals. I think what helped make this dish on the top five was the fact that the boys couldn't get enough of it - even the chorizo and saffron.

This is one of two dishes that got an A+ in 2010. It was a terrific side dish to an equally terrific summer. Grilled corn salad served in beefsteak tomato cups are a staple to any Forth of July cookout from now on.

Not only has blogging about family meals given me a new level of appreciation for my Dad's cooking, but a dish like Grilled Asian Pork Chops reminds me how a few simple, fresh ingredients can put a smile on our kids (and our own) faces. Thanks Dad.

This dish was a result of my submission to the blogging equivalent of Top Chef - Project Food Blog. This dish scored an A+. It filled our house with deliciousness. It introduced me and my oldest to a wonderful story called The Butter Man. It was comfort food at its best.

Not only did preparing this dish push me outside my comfort zone as a cook, but the entire Project Food Blog experience helped me grow as a blogger. I drew inspiration from fellow competitors and was touched by the support I received from bloggers, friends and family. I was not expecting to make it past the first round, so was thrilled to have had the chance to compete in challenge #2 - tackle a classic dish from another culture.

Similarly, I was not expecting for this blog to take off past a couple of posts. Yet I find myself looking at each recipe, restaurant review, or food event as a challenge, ready to move on to the next one. 2011 will be the biggest challenge yet. Bring it.

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