How to Keep a Good Thing Going

1:28 PM

Last June, my son's elementary school joined over 300 groups in celebrating the first Flavored Milk Dayof Action. With support from the school principal and the local pediatric medical office, students were given free cartons of white milk and white bracelets imprinted with “MOO.” Our goal was to help kids make healthy choices in a positive environment. If kids mooing and drinking white milk is any indication of success, then it was a great day.

At the Lowell School, we are taking our early success and running with it. With the continued support of the school principal and pediatric office, we will be celebrating Milk Awareness Day for a second time on March 7th, 2012. But this time, it will be bigger than before:
  • Everyone loves FREE: As we had done last year, we will be giving out free white milk to all the kids during lunch
  • Accessorize: We are also giving out free white silicone wristbands with "MOO" imprinted on them
  • Make it fun: We will be giving out white milk mustaches to the students to wear after lunch
  • Make it memorable: There will be two school-wide assemblies featuring the school principal and pediatricians. The assembly will feature a demonstration on sugar consumption and why it is important to make healthy food choices.
  • Healthy partners: The school is also partnering with ChopChop Magazine, a children's cooking magazine focused on combating childhood obesity and making healthy food choices
  • Make a statement: Students will help create a giant milk carton and sign a pledge in art class. The giant milk carton and student signatures will be on display in the cafeteria
  • Share at home: Students will be sent home with an informational flyer to share with parents a week prior to Milk Day

The goal is to continue to raise awareness in a positive way, but also to prepare the community for the Massachusetts regulations that will take effect in August (changing what is on school menus, including the elimination of flavored milk in August 2013).  Massachusetts is taking steps to fight childhood obesity. And it’s a welcome change, but we think we can do better. At the Lowell school, we hope to set an example for other schools in the community and surrounding towns. Why wait when change can happen today? 

Stay tuned to find out how Milk Awareness Day turns out and our plans to keep the momentum going!

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