The Big Picnic

8:23 AM

Ever since I started blogging, my family has been subject to trying a new recipe several times a week in my quest to raise adventurous eaters (and to push myself as a home cook). There have been some duds, but more often than not, successful dishes that my kids will scoff up happily. Some recipes included lots of prep, multiple pans, and hours on the stove, causing me to shoo the boys in another room.

Then there are days that the boys beg to help. And while there are days that I think it would be so much faster (and cleaner) if I just cooked it myself, I invite them to be my helpers. And can honestly say, it's paid off in spades. Here's some proof!

Kids love to help bake. 
Little fingers are perfect for making baked pita chips.

Fish in Parchment lets kids design their own "presents"

Kids love to tear things up. Have them rip up some basil!

When kids help, they will likely eat it!

Cooking with kids can seem daunting to most parents (let's face it, just plain cooking on a busy school night is daunting). But I've found (as so many others have discovered), that when you involve your kids, they learn so many essential life skills -- including the love for cooking! And when you cook real food, you're establishing a lifetime of healthy habits.

In recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, ChopChop Magazine is hosting the Big Picnic this Sunday, 9/22/13. It's a virtual community picnic in which families will cook with their kids and share photos using hashtag #bigpicnic as a fun way to learn and inspire each other. Everyone loves showing off what they made (or about to eat) on social media. So why not show off what your kids made and inspire other kids to do the same?

To learn more, check out ChopChop's Big Picnic web pages. Hope to see you there!

(Full disclosure - I work for ChopChop, but as always, all my opinions are all my own.)

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