Artful & Delicious Crudite Creations

7:07 PM

(credit: Crudite Creations)
We're now in the throes of Summer which means 4th of July cookouts, year-end parties, birthdays, block parties, and picnics to name a few.  There are only so many pasta or potato salads I can really get excited for. Love me some watermelon, but unless they're super sweet and cold, I'll pass. So when I had the opportunity to try a Crudite Creation, I said "yes!" 

(credit: Crudite Creations)
Crudite Creations are these show-stopping vegetable arrangements made by Lauren & David Brooks. Located in Auburndale, Massachusetts, Crudite Creations come in a a variety of sizes in four standard designs.   There's also an array of gourmet homemade dips such as white bean, caramelized onion, hummus and ranch. Crudite Creations are delivered by hand throughout Eastern Massachusetts. 

Check out this arrangement I was lucky enough to sample:

We were on our way to a neighborhood block party so was excited to share it with all of our neighbors. Everyone was amazed at the detail and freshness of the "bouquet." The kids had fun guessing what vegetable each "flower" was made from. The dips were a huge hit as well. It was almost too pretty to eat - almost!
Crudite Creation at the neighborhood block party. Everything else pales in comparison!

So the next time you're racking your brain for a unique hostess gift, centerpiece for your summer party or a gift for friends or family "just because", definitely check out Crudite Creations! 

Disclosure: Thank you Crudite Creations for sending me a sample arrangement! As always, all opinions are my own.

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