Back-To-School Playbook Redux

8:30 PM

So after a brief summer hiatus, I'm back to blogging and hope to as regularly as I can! Starting with this one.

last packed lunch of the 2013-14 school year 

This is a picture I took of the last school lunch I packed for my boys back at the end of June. This lunch is little sad, isn't it? I had it with packing lunches at this point, having packed over 150 lunches for my two boys. While most families had a countdown to summer vacation, I had been counting down the last lunch I had to pack. 

Well, here we are about to start our first full week of the new school year and I have not had to pack a single lunch! With some new changes to our family schedules, umdaddy is now in charge of packing lunches. You would think I would be thrilled, but a part of me is having a hard time letting go, quietly judging what he packed that day and which containers he used. And wondering if he was going to expand beyond the PBJ + Fruit + snacks + yogurt repertoire. 

But I am going to do my best to let it go. I trust he will pack them a well-balanced meal, and it might not be packed the way I had done it. And that's okay! I might drop a couple recipe hints here and there though. And just maybe share a page from my back-to-school playbook

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