2014 Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up of Round-Ups!

8:02 PM

I don't know about you, but I'm finding it particularly difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. It could be due to the fact there is no snow on the ground, just sad, bare trees and dead grass everywhere. It could be I'm behind with my Christmas shopping (like, still making a list). But there's still time! Christmas is 10 days away. So if you're like me still looking for gift ideas, I've put together the mother of all lists of practical holiday gift ideas for the food-obsessed on your list. And no, it does not include anything from the Williams-Sonoma catalog. But do yourself a favor and read "The 2014 Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog". FUNNY. Though, who couldn't use a set of Lampkins?

(photo credit: Cool Mom Picks)
For teachers, friends, neighbors, or public servants in your community, check out Mom Cool Picks "14 Easy Homemade Food Gifts To Make Besides Cake and Cookie". Two words: Homemade Nutella. 
(photo credit: The Kitchn)
For the newbie home cook just starting out, The Kitchn's "10 Essential Kitchen Tools to Gift Now and Use Forever" includes the stuff home cooks will remember you every time they use it - which will be often. 
(photo credit: Eat the Love) 
For the cookbook collector, check out Eat the Love's "Holiday Cookbooks 2014 Roundups" He's divided his massive roundup into three parts, so you'll be sure to find something for everyone. 
(photo credit: Thinksource) 
For the healthy snacker, POPSUGAR has their list of favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes. These make great last-minute gifts plus they are the gifts that keep on giving! 
(photo credit: Ryan Daush)
For yourself: yes, you should treat yourself! I love this list from the editors of Food52 of products they hope to get get this year. Some beautiful and fun things to brighten up your kitchen.

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