Guest Post: Upgrades to Achieve a Chef-Approved Kitchen

3:28 PM

For someone like me who spends a whole lot of time in the kitchen, the way a kitchen functions, flows, and looks are probably more important to me than any other room in the house. This has become front and center in our lives as we looking to move and/or renovate a kitchen.

So I warmly welcome Becca Grady from Zillow to share her tips for simple upgrades to a kitchen that any home chef would love!

Simple Upgrades to Achieve a Chef-Approved Kitchen
By Becca Grady

A kitchen is more than just a space to prepare and cook food. Any good chef knows that it is a gathering area for friends and family, an entertainment spot and, ultimately, the heart of the home. Although most homes just need the basics – a refrigerator, sink, oven and stove – there are simple upgrades to ensure you have a pro-grade kitchen setup.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a seasoned chef, consider these tips for achieving a chef-approved kitchen.

Friendly Layout

An open floorplan and ease of movement is important for a well-designed kitchen. Although layout is sometimes out of your control, there are changes that can be made to better accommodate a good flow. If you have ample space in the center, consider adding an island to help alleviate any congestion and expedite meal prep.

Ample Light

Light is an important feature of an outstanding kitchen, and the more light, the better. Lighting can set the tone and have a large impact on ambiance. Having multiple sources of light – recessed lighting, hanging lights and under-the-cabinet strips – is best. sources for different purposes, you are able to easily adjust lighting to accommodate any need.


Any cooking enthusiast knows that a top-notch kitchen is all about the counter space, especially for spreading out all of the ingredients for preparation and plating the dish when it’s finished. Kitchen surfaces should also be easy to clean, heat resistant, durable and scratch proof. Selecting a countertop that is tough and fits within your budget is essential.

Faucets and Sinks

Sinks are one of the hardest working spaces in a kitchen. Upgrading your normal sink to one with a deep-set bowl is a must for any pro-grade kitchen. Additionally, consider replacing faucets with a gooseneck model and a pull-out sprayer. A gooseneck faucet allows you to turn on the water while having mess on your hands, while a pull out sprayer helps to clean off dishes with ease.  

Convenient Storage

Most professional kitchens will forego cabinets and drawers for storing utensils, dishes and pans, opting for open shelves. Open shelving systems allow for easy access to cooking tools and utensils. If you’re not interested in having your storage exposed, consider other storage options that improve accessibility. Look into installing a hanging pot rack, a magnetized knife strip or a handy roll-out shelf.

With limited budget and space, it’s important to decide what features matter most in a kitchen. To ensure the kitchen is worthy of an aspiring or skilled chef, try using some of these tips.

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