Comfort Food

5:12 PM

After a rough end to 2016 and rocky start to 2017, I'm turning to comfort food more than ever. Warm bowls of soup, hearty pasta dishes, stick-to-your-ribs casseroles, and rich desserts has helped me forget about these chaotic and often troubling days ahead. I love the aroma of butter and garlic and the quiet work of a mise en place. But most rewarding is the moment I get to set down at the dinner table with my family and talk about our days, laugh at something silly my youngest blurted out inappropriately and look over at my husband who always has the knack of reminding me everything is going to be okay without saying a word.

I made this simple Genius One-Pot Lasagna from Food 52 and the boys and I loved it. It epitomizes comfort food at a time we could all enjoy some.

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