Oh, Boston, You're My Home

9:13 AM

They say buying/selling a home is one of the most stressful milestones in one's life. And for me, decorating said home is second.

We're *finally* feeling settled in our new house after 8 months. The kitchen is running like a well-oiled machine now. And all the rooms are furnished and mostly decorated. Except for our oldest son's room. We've struggled with where to put the furniture, window treatments and how to adorn the walls for a tween boy. When you walk into his room, you definitely get the feeling it's very much a work in progress. So when I was contacted by ModernMapArt about getting a sample print of Boston, that's when it dawned on me exactly how we can decorate our son's room that would be absolutely perfect.

You see, our oldest is obsessed with maps. Ever since he was a toddler, he would study the Boston subway map. As he got older, he would study road atlases. And most recently, exploring Google Earth is his favorite past-time. So the idea of map art for his room was a home run.

ModernMapArt has created over 500 city maps, country maps, ski maps and water skyline prints. The city map is printed on museum quality matte paper with Ultrachrome ink. You can choose from different sized prints and color combinations. So what did our map connoisseur think?

He loved it. He loved how accurate it is (he would know) and was immediately able to find our street on the map. And he is so drawn to it -- he often has to take it down from him wall when he's doing his homework so he's not distracted by it ;-)

Definitely check out ModernMapArt if you know someone who loves maps, or looking for a unique and artful way to remember a favorite city. It can also be a lifesaver for anyone looking for an affordable and sophisticated way to decorate a space.

Disclosure: Thank you ModernMapArt for sending me a city map print. As always, all opinions are my own.

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