PB&J? Really?

6:44 PM

Last weekend, I brought the boys to the Boston Children's Museum, my enthusiasm fueled by what was waiting for me at Flour Bakery & Cafe around the corner. Even after 45 tortuous minutes in the ball room followed by another 45 minutes in the construction zone room, I was happy - even with the escalating sounds of screaming kids all around me. Flour is one of my favorite places, possibly in the whole world. I think largely thanks to Joanne Chang's to-die-for sticky buns.

After our visit to the Museum, we headed over to Flour to pick up some sandwiches (and dessert of course) to bring back home for lunch. Given Flour's location, it makes sense to offer a kids' menu. And sure enough, you will find grilled cheese and PB&J. I'm sure these are made with top quality ingredients, but I just can't get myself to order PB&J (especially for $4.50) when I can make that at home in my sleep.

So what do I do? I do what a lot of parents do - withhold information. I don't even bother asking my son what he wanted. I order the curried tuna sandwich with raisins, apples and carrots on artisan bread. He was going to try it and and hopefully like it as much as I do. I figured if he hated it, then I can make my  version of PB&J (TJ's natural peanut butter and raspberry preserves on multi-grain) since we'd already be home.

Sure enough, he loved it. Maybe he was pretending to like it so he could have a sticky bun for dessert. I'm just glad he tried it, ate it, and didn't complain once. We both celebrated with some sticky buns.

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