It's like taking shu mai from a baby

7:22 PM

Whenever we take friends and family to partake in dim sum, they are always amazed by how glutinous the boys become. Shoving dumpling after dumpling, followed by pork buns and rice noodles, the boys can't get seem to get enough into their bellies. Maybe it's because they are trying to keep up with the number of bamboo steamers flying off the carts onto our tables. Or could it be that all the tiny bites go down that much easier? Whatever it may be, our boys have never shown a picky bone in their bodies whenever we go to our favorite dim sum parlor - China Pearl.

We all love the usual crowd pleasers - haw gow (shrimp dumpling), shu mai (shrimp and pork dumpling), chau sui bau (baked bbq pork buns). What I've always been impressed with is their love for lo bat go (fried taro root cake with hoisin sauce). Many find it to be bland and often have a hard time with its consistency. Not our kids - they slurp the stuff up. I often think they would be fans of poi if we ever go to Hawaii as a family.

Just when we were stuffed and sipping what was left in our tea cups, Will asks for more food. And this was the day after Thanksgiving! And on cue, here comes the sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf. It was a race between myself and a four year old to get to the last bit of rice and pork. Yes - I have no shame when it comes to taking dim sum from a kid.

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