2010: Year of the Koodie?

8:07 PM

Children of foodies, otherwise know as koodies, gastrokids or taster tots seem to be getting a lot of attention as of late. In addition to several new cookbooks focused on broadening your kid's palette, I recently read these mini gourmands will be featured in several new reality TV shows (check out the article on nypost.com). For example, Bravo is developing a junior version of Top Chef. I can see the quick fire challenge now... create an amuse bouche using go-gurt and lunchables.

And with any new trend (or craze), you come across some backlash.  Some see koodies as a product of self-absorbed, elitist adults. Others claim that these foodie parents are trying to make their kids grow up too fast.

I'm here to say that I'm not looking to create koodies with my own kids or claim to be an expert on how to make your kids *not* be picky eaters (I don't think that's even possible!). Like so many other families,  I'm really not interested in making two meals - one for the grown-ups and another for the boys. I'm not interested in only going to restaurants that offer crayons with their kids menu if we decide to go out to eat. My focus will be about finding good food that my whole family will enjoy - whether it be at a hidden restaurant or a must-try recipe - and to share those experiences. We may end up with our own home version of "Hell's Kitchen" now and then - and I'll be all too happy to share every second of it!

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