Zojirushi Electric Air Pot - Not Just For Water Emergencies!

9:49 AM

There's a good chance you'll find these in many homes of Asian families - hot water pots. A hot water pot boils and stores hot water. Instead of filling a tea kettle and waiting around for it to whistle, with a hot water pot, you push a button and out comes hot water instantly. Okay, why would anyone want hot water at all times? Well, if you're a tea drinker, its a godsend. It's also great for instant noodles, reconstituting dried mushrooms or noodles, or heating baby bottles. Feeling it yet?

Okay, well if you're living in a community affected by the boil water order, then you just might see the beauty of this appliance. For those not from the greater Boston area, thanks to a 'catasrophic' break in the underground pipe that carries clean water to 2 million people in the Boston area, a boil water order has been issued until the damage is repaired. Officials are advising people to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking, washing dishes and hand washing. This event has made many people realize how we take drinkable water for granted.

Residents are either loading up on bottled water or boiling water on their stove tops. It was only this afternoon I remembered we needed to replace our old hot water pot and timing couldn't have been better. So now we have sanitized water by our kitchen sink at all times.

Hot water pots can be purchased at Asian grocery stores or online. Zojirushi (with the elephant) has been the brand of choice for my family for ages. They are a little pricey for a kitchen appliance ($99 for 3 liter pot), but I think it's worth it - especially during times like these!

H Mart

3 Old Concord Road
Burlington, MA 01803-5168
(781) 221-4570

ps: Our model does boil the water for 1 minute. There is a re-boil button if you want to be extra sure!

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