The Lunch Box: AB/CC & S Sandwich

6:50 AM

Believe it or not, packing my son's lunchbox can be stressful. Lunchtime is a big part of my son's school day. Lunch begins with a sweet, nonreligious blessing wishing everyone a "happy lunch." Teachers stress "quiet moments" so the children can focus on eating. Children are even encouraged to eat their "protein" first.

As with any parent in charge of packing lunch, I ask myself "Is this nutritious?" I want to make sure there's enough food to avoid any low blood sugar meltdowns. And most importantly, I want to make sure that lunchbox does not come back home still packed with the lunch I sent him to school with because my kid "didn't like it." I don't know about you, but I end up eating any untouched food, even after I've had my own lunch that I liked very much.

BTW, I'm very excited about finding wendolonia. Great lunchbox (or bento box) ideas for when I need to shake things up. Plus Wendy's site is eye candy.

To celebrate the start of strawberry season, I would like to share one of our favorite lunchbox sandwiches: Almond Butter, Cream Cheese and Strawberry sandwiches. Great peanut butter alternative (for those in need of peanut-free options). Super-easy to assemble. And truly tasty - might even pass as dessert! Goes well with dinosaur lunchbox or adult brown bag.

2 slices of whole wheat bread
1 tbs almond butter
1 tbs cream cheese
2-3 strawberries, hulled and sliced
1 tsp honey

1. Spread the almond butter on one slice of bread and the cream cheese on another

2. Arrange strawberries in an single layer on top of cream cheese
3. Drizzle honey on top of strawberries
4. Place the other slice of bread with almond butter on top and enjoy

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