Blogger Event #2: Good-For-You Pizza Party

8:33 PM

Last week I attended my second blogger event - a Good-For-You Pizza Party hosted by Rustic Crust and Christine Koh of Boston Mamas. Boston-area moms, foodies and other "influencers" were invited to meet Rustic Crust CEO Brad Sterl and Christine Koh to discuss the importance of introducing families to healthy meals sourced locally and prepared and packaged sustainably. I was super excited to attend this event  - great location (Boston Children's Museum), a mission I can get behind, and a chance to meet other food and mom bloggers. And I've never been one to turn down pizza!

Christine kicked off the event by sharing her thoughts on finding quick, yet delicious wholesome meals for her family. I found myself nodding in agreement.

Nice to finally meet the person behind the twitter handle
Brad spoke about the history of Rustic Crust and his "crust crusade" - offering high-quality food that is convenient, fun and healthy. All-natural, local organic ingredients. Ready-made crusts made by hand. I was ready to try it. Anything to redeem myself from hurried nights of frozen pizza.

Nice to meet a down-to-earth CEO that is passionate about his business
Everyone was then invited to don his or her Rustic Crust aprons and make pizza at a table set-up with different toppings.  We were given a variety of crusts to build upon: Gluten Free, Tuscan Six Grain, and Ultimate Whole Grain to name a few. 

I'm sure you could make a personality test out of the toppings you choose.
Everyone was pretty creative with their toppings. I ended up with pepperoni and broccoli. Yeah, not your typical combo but it looked good to me at the time!

What does this say about me?
The pizzas were ready in less than 15 minutes and there was plenty to go around. I found the crust to be hearty and delicious. I was looking forward to making this for my family to see if they would like it.

CEO Brad Sterle serving up the masterpieces
As everyone lunched on pizza, there was a raffle for prizes from HuePhoria (hand-blown and hand-painted glassware) and even a giveaway for a Rustic Crust fundraiser for a school or non-profit. I was one of the lucky ones to have my name drawn – wahoo! 

Here’s what I won – cute, huh?
Everyone left with a Pizza Party-to-Go bag, complete with three crusts, pizza sauce, coupons and a pizza cutter. I don’t know if I was more excited about the goodies or the fact that I didn’t have to think about dinner that night. And what did my brood think of Rustic Crust? The boys loved it (I don’t think there’s a pizza out there they don’t like). Umdaddy found the crust to be too chewy for his taste. He’s more of a thinkthin-crust guy.

As far as blogger events go in my young blogging career, this was a winner.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. The event was free and I was given a Pizza Party-to-Go bag and coupons and won a glass ornament via a raffle. Opinions are my own.

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