Top (Last Minute) Gift Ideas for the Foodie Family (Part 2)

9:07 AM

There's only four days until Christmas. Or six days left of Hanukkah. Gulp. And there's one or two people (or more if you're really behind) you still need to shop for. Here are my top last-minute holiday gifts for the foodie family on your list:

Subscription to ChopChop Magazine: My boys and I are huge fans of ChopChop Magazine - a quarterly food magazine for kids. It is full of great kid-tested recipes, tips for parents, colorful photos and fun games. Both kids and parents will be inspired to cook as a family.

Subscription to Cooks Illustrated: A must-have for any serious foodie. Each recipe is tested to perfection. Line drawings, scientific rationale and exhaustive testing tells you they're not fooling around when it comes to food.

How to Cook Everything App: From New York Times Food Journalist and legend Mark Bittman, this app is the first full cookbook adapted for an app. Besides the ginormous recipe collection, you get recipe timers, shopping lists, Bittman's voiceover and ability to make notes (for iPad). How cool is that?

CSA share: For the green-minded foodie family, a membership to a Community Supported Agriculture program is a gift that keeps on giving. Members receive anywhere between a few pounds to 15-20 pounds of local produce on a regular basis. It's all about Farm-to-Table.

The greatest gift of all... a gift certificate to a couples' favorite restaurant and free babysitting for the night. Need I say more?

Off to check my list twice and figure out some last-minute gifts of my own. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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