Seven Days, Seven Meals Challenge

7:20 PM

It's a new year, which usually means recycling the same New Year's Resolutions for me. And as always, one of my resolutions is to be a better cook. And like all resolutions, I have good intentions to make them, but often end up ignoring them. Oops - there goes my "Don't Procrastinate" resolution.

Until I saw that Jenny from Dinner: A Love Story had threw the gauntlet. She was challenging herself and her readers to make seven new meals in seven days. And to make it a little easier, she suggested doing this challenge over 14 days. Seven new meals in two weeks?  Not only would it challenge me to be a better cook, but get my kids to try new things and be adventurous. Actually, that goes for all of us.  Yeah, I'm game.

So how is it going so far?

Monday, January 7th:

DALS Tuscan Minestrone

Wednesday, January 9th:
DALS Greek-Style Shrimp with Feta

Friday, January 11th:
Bon Appetit Orange Beef w/Broccoli & Mushrooms

Sunday, January 13th:
Jamie Oliver's One-Tray Bake

Tuesday, January 15th:
DALS Weeknight Bolognese 

We made a Wild-Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash for dinner tonight (but forgot to snap a picture). So that leaves one more new recipe before Sunday. What to make, what to make...

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