Motherhood: Fueled by Atlas Coffee

7:55 AM

I came across this someecard recently and nodded with approval. I may have even said "yaaaasssssss" out loud, eliciting strange looks from the people nearby while I was in the checkout line at the store. I was a coffee drinker before kids. Now as a mom of two boys, I'm a hard-core coffee drinker. My husband might whisper the label "addict." Yes, I love me some coffee.

But when your kid comes to you like this:

And it's not even 8am, I need a caffeine boost.

Or when they are non-stop goofy like this:

A big 'ol cup of coffee helps me laugh through it all and power through the day.

Over the years, I have become a little more selective about my coffee. My husband might even whisper "coffee snob." Yes, I appreciate really good coffee. I have learned a lot about what makes good coffee, including the importance of a quality burr coffee grinder, water temperature and fresh roasted coffee beans. I will go out of may way to procure a pound of premium coffee.

So when I had the opportunity to try Atlas Coffee Club, I was all over it like foam on my cappuccino. Atlas Coffee Club is a gourmet coffee of the month company, curating exotic coffee from all around the world and delivering it to your doorstep. They source premium single origin coffee from farms around the world, and pay above market prices to ensure sustainable farming practices. And each batch is roasted just before shipping (each bag is stamped with roasting date) so you know the coffee is fresh. Click here to learn more. Plus they're is giving away a 6-month membership.

Okay, going to enjoy more of this Ethiopian coffee before my second job as my kids' personal uber driver begins.

Disclosure: Thanks Atlas Coffee Club for giving me the opportunity to try some coffee. As always, all opinions are my own.

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