Restaurant Review: Dorado Tacos & Cemitas

11:47 AM

When we heard there was a new taqueria opening in town - and it was getting rave reviews - it was only a matter of time before we had to abandon our loyalty to Anna's Taqueria and check it out.

When you walk up to the counter, it is immediately evident that Dorado is not trying to compete with the mini fast-Mexican-food empire. There's no assembly line. Only friendly counter service that is happy to explain the different varieties of fish tacos, quesadillas and cemitas.

It was Wednesday night - Fish Taco night - so we ordered fish tacos. For $1.99, you can get a Esenada - beer battered Atlantic pollock with cabbage, salsa, pickled onions, baja crema (sour cream dressing), and limes in two soft corn tortillas. Each bite was delicious and complex - soft, chewy, savory, and sour with a crunch. We ended up getting three more after wolfing down the first taco. 

Dorado's signature dish is the cemita - a popular street food sandwich. You choose your meat (1 of 5 options), layered between black beans, chipotle adobo, oaxaca cheese, cilantro, and avocado on a sesame-seed bun. It reminded me of a chilean chacareo - a combination of ingredients you would not think of putting between two slices of bread and ultimately tasting deliciously different.

And yes, they offer a kids menu too. Kids can choose from fish, chicken, and beef tacos with rice and tortilla chips for less than $3. The tacos are made simply without any toppings. Our boys scoffed up their plates (especially the house-made chips). 

The space is clean and simple. Dorado is also one of the more 'green' restaurants in the Coolidge Corner area boasting eco-friendly utensils, napkins and plates, recycled wood floors and tables. Although small, Dorado is kid-friendly offering several high chairs.

And something the other burrito places don't offer - a good selection of imported beers, sangria and authentic mexican coke made from real sugar (v. high fructose corn syrup).

What's not to love?

401 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 566-2100
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