Tonight's dinner courtesy of Anthony Bourdain

7:29 PM

Well, we didn't actually have Tony preparing dinner in our kitchen (if only!). After watching this week's No Reservations, my husband and I came to the conclusion we had to make Boeuf Bourguignon. We've experimented with many classics in the past, but had yet to try making this classic of classics. The ultimate comfort food.

We watched carefully as Tony went step by step, in his usual irreverent and honest delivery, on how to make Boeuf Bourguignon (and was it me, or did Jacques Pepin look like he had a few too many glasses of wine during his omelet demo). Easy peasy. It also helped to have the actual recipe found on the travel channel's website. Three plus hours later, my family is enjoying a truly satisfying meal. The boys didn't even complain about eating the vegetables. It was the perfect dish on a cold and rainy day. Thanks Tony!


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