My kind of camp

7:19 PM

photo courtesy of Mix Bakery

There's summer camp, sports camp, band camp. When I heard about Cupcake Camp - hello muddah!

Started in San Fran in 2008, Cupcake Camp is an informal gathering of amateur and professional bakers who bring cupcakes to share with attendees. The Boston chapter was held last night at PA's Lounge in Somerville. The event was *free*, so it was no wonder the line snaked around the block before the doors even opened.

Because it started at 7pm, and took place in a bar, this was not a family outing. So I generously volunteered to represent the family at this event. Bakers had set up their wares around the perimeter and attendees feasted as they shuffled past tables. I tried Frosted Donut, Boston Creme, Apple Spice, Whoopie Pie, S'mores, Red Velvet and a chocolate/peanut butter cupcake on a stick. I was tempted to try the choc with chocolate covered bacon, but started to feel a little ill from the sugar intake at the moment.

My favorite was S'mores from Mix Bakery. The cake was moist and rich with a graham cracker crust bottom and topped with a marshmallow topping. It was so good. I did sneak a couple home for the boys too of course.

What are some winning flavors? Lots of frosting? Cupcakes v. cookies? Why are cupcakes so hot in Boston?

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