Be a Helper

6:56 PM

I'm taking a quick break from the kitchen to share a really great event that's happening TOMORROW at the Pru (or Shops at the Prudential for non-Bostonians):

The Shops at the Prudential Center, Huntington Arcade
Thursday, April 11 5:30-7:30pm.

In the past few years, our collective strength has been put to a test due to some tragic events, both natural and man-made. Whenever these things happen and I struggle with how to explain these events to my kids, I always remember Mister Rogers and his "look for the helpers" message. I don't even want to imagine what our world would be like without these helpers.

So here's our chance to make a difference and be a helper. The Volunteer Expo is an informal event featuring over 50 local organizations. The event will give Bostonians an opportunity to learn more about the diverse range of organziations in the community and ways to give back. Consider volunteering as a family as a way to spend time together and connect with your community. And if you forget where the Volunteer Expo is taking place, just look for blue and orange in the Boston skyline - The Pru will be lit in those colors to celebrate volunteerism and the volunteer expo.

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